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means S2 W2 plural means


[countable] a way of doing or achieving somethingCOLLOCATIONS COLLOCATIONS
means of transport (=a way of travelling, for example using a car, bus, bicycle etc) means of communication means of escape means of identification (=an official document that shows who you are) means of expression (=a way of expressing your feelings, opinions etc) a means of doing something have no means of doing something use any means (=use any method, even if it is illegal or causes harm to other people) by unlawful/illegal/unfair means (whether) by fair means or foul (=using unfair methods if necessary)
means of
For most people, the car is still their main means of transport.
The only means of communication was sign language.
The window was our only means of escape.
Do you have any means of identification?
Homework should not be used as a means of controlling children.
I had no means of telling him I would be late.
Brian was prepared to use any means to get what he wanted.
They had entered the country by unlawful means.
the means by which performance is assessed


[plural]BEW the money or income that you have
have the means to do something
I don't have the means to support a family.
Paying for your children to go to a private school is beyond the means of most people (=too expensive for most people).
Try to live within your means (=only spending what you can afford).
His father was a man of means (=a rich man).

by all means!

spoken used to mean 'of course' when politely allowing someone to do something or agreeing with a suggestion:
'Can I bring Alan?' 'By all means!'

by no means/not by any means

not at all:
It is by no means certain that the game will take place.
She's not a bad kid, by any means.

by means of something

formal using a particular method or system:
The blocks are raised by means of pulleys.

a means to an end

something that you do only to achieve a result, not because you want to do it or because it is important:
For Geoff, the job was simply a means to an end.

the means of production

TIPE the material, tools, and equipment that are used in the production of goods

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