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o‧ver‧time [uncountable]
1BEW time that you spend working in your job in addition to your normal working hoursCOLLOCATIONS COLLOCATIONS
work/do overtime paid/unpaid overtime overtime payment/pay on overtime
six hours' overtime
They're working overtime to get the job finished.
He's been doing a lot of overtime recently.
Many employees work countless hours of unpaid overtime.
Many of our offices will be working on overtime until the end of the year.
2BEW the money that you are paid for working more hours than usual:
He earns £450 a week, including overtime.

be working overtime

informal to be very active:
As she put down the phone, her brain was working overtime.
His senses were working overtime.
4x-ref American English a period of time added to the end of a sports game to give one of the two teams a chance to win [= extra time British English]
in overtime
Steve Smith scored all nine of the Hawks' points in overtime.

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