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2 noun
pay2 S1 W2 [uncountable]
1BEW money that you are given for doing your jobCOLLOCATIONS COLLOCATIONS
low pay equal pay rate of pay pay and conditions basic pay British English base pay American English (=not including overtime pay or bonuses) overtime pay (=for extra hours that you work) take-home pay (=after tax etc has been taken away) holiday pay British English vacation pay American English (=when you are on holiday) sick pay (=when you are ill) maternity pay (=when a woman is having a baby) pay increase pay rise British English pay raise American English pay cut on full pay (=being paid a whole salary)
Nurses often work long hours for low pay.
The idea of equal pay for women is a recent phenomenon.
Miners have traditionally enjoyed high rates of pay.
a minimum rate of pay
Unions are pushing for better pay and conditions.
Teachers were awarded a 6% pay rise.
They were asked to accept a 4% pay cut.
He was suspended on full pay until the hearing.

in the pay of somebody

written someone who is in someone else's pay is working for them, often secretly:
an informer in the pay of the police

pay, salary, wages, wage, income, fee
Pay is the money that you earn by working The pay is much better in the private sector. people on low pay pay negotiations Someone's salary is the money they are paid every month by their employer, especially someone in a profession, such as a teacher or a lawyer Some managers earn annual salaries of over £80,000. Use wages to refer to the money that someone is paid every week by their employer, especially someone who works in a factory or a shop Some companies pay higher wages than others. !! Do not use wages before a noun. Use wage wage earners Someone's income is all the money that they receive regularly, for work or for any other reason families on low incomes Rent from the old farm was their only source of income. Use fee to refer to the money paid to a lawyer, doctor, or similar qualified worker for a piece of work they have done Your accountant's fees are too high. legal fees

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