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paypay2 ●●● S1 W2 noun [uncountable]  1 BEWmoney that you are given for doing your job Staff have been working without pay for the last month. The tax is deducted from your pay every week. He was suspended on full pay until the hearing.see thesaurus at salary2 in the pay of somebodyCOLLOCATIONSADJECTIVES/NOUN + paylowNurses often work long hours for relatively low pay.goodThe work was steady and the pay was pretty good.higher/betterWorkers demanded higher pay.equal pay (=the same pay for the same type of work)The women at the factory went on strike for equal pay.basic pay British English, base pay American English (=not including overtime pay or bonuses)The basic pay is so low you end up doing lots of overtime.take-home pay (=after tax etc has been taken away)Their average take-home pay is just £120.overtime pay (=for extra hours that you work)Their bosses had to approve any overtime pay.holiday pay British English, vacation pay American English (=pay when you are on holiday)Servicemen and women get no holiday pay, no overtime, no weekends off. sick pay (=pay when you are ill)As a self-employed person, you get no sick pay or benefits.maternity pay (=pay while a woman takes time off to have a baby)If you have worked here a year, you are entitled to 3 month’s maternity pay.redundancy pay British English, severance pay American English (=pay when there is no longer a job for you)We invested our redundancy pay in a new business venture.full payThey were immediately suspended on full pay pending a full inquiry.half payIn 1822 he retired from the army as captain on half pay.pay + NOUNa pay increaseTeachers will be awarded a 6% pay increase this year.a pay rise British English, pay raise American EnglishIf you get promoted, will you get a pay rise?a pay cutStaff were asked to take a 10% pay cut.a rate of pay (also a pay rate) (=the amount paid every hour, week etc)Many workers in the catering industry are on low rates of pay.a pay cheque British English, a paycheck American English (=the money you earn every week or month)Stretching your money until the next pay cheque arrives often becomes difficult.a pay freeze (=when no one’s pay is increased)Ministers have approved a public sector pay freeze.a pay claim British English (=official request for more pay)The miners voted for strike action in support of their pay claim. a pay dispute (=disagreement between an employer and employees about pay)Many flights were cancelled because of a pilots’ pay dispute.pay and conditions (=the conditions in which people work and the pay they get)The unions are demanding better pay and conditions.COMMON ERRORSDon’t say ‘the salary pay’. Just say the pay.THESAURUSincome money that you receive from working, investments etcfamilies on a low incomesalary the pay that professional people such as teachers or lawyers earn every yeara salary of $65,000 a yearwages the pay that someone earns every hour or every weekHer wages barely cover the rent.bonus money added to someone’s pay, as a reward for good work or as a reward when the company does wellThe company pays an attendance bonus – if you go 30 days without being late or absent, you get the bonus.earnings all the money that you earn by workingIn a good year, a bonus can double an executive’s earnings.
Examples from the Corpus
payThe new chief executive acknowledged he would be taking a pay cut.Most of all, they need equal pay and comparable worth.To raise his wage without raising his marginal productivity would be to put his pay above his contribution.Staff unions and many councillors last year attacked large pay increases for senior staff in all departments.The worst thing about being a nurse is the low pay.Joe's been receiving sick pay since the accident.If entitlements are exceeded, the system will issue the relevant warning message and stop pay.For four years running, the Government's teachers' pay committee has reported that teachers' morale has never been lower."What's the pay?" "About $10 an hour."For most fast-food workers, the pay is around $5 an hour.If women were evenly distributed across the spectrum of employment, their pay levels would be much closer to those of men.