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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishper diemper di‧em1 /pə ˈdiːəm $ pər-/ noun [countable] American English  1 BEWan amount of money that an employer pays a worker for each day that is worked2 an amount of money that a worker is allowed to spend when doing his or her job, for example on a business trip a per diem allowance
Examples from the Corpus
per diemAll per diems paid to business owners are wages unless the owners have receipts to cover the per diem allowance.For people who think this way, there is an alternative system for documenting travel expenses: the per diem rule.But then they gave, she gave me the per diem breakdowns and you know the two dinners were what?Owners of businesses are not permitted to reimburse their own travel expenses under the per diem rules.Businesspeople who use the per diem rule get into trouble because they overpay per diem rates.