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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishperformance-related payperˌformance-related ˈpay noun [uncountable]  BEWmoney that you earn for your work, which is increased if you do your work very well
Examples from the Corpus
performance-related payThis partly explains the interest of some managers in performance assessment and performance-related pay.The case has not been proved that job evaluation and performance-related pay can be applied to nursing.There is a generous stock-option scheme, and performance-related pay that can, in some cases, double basic salaries.A new performance-related pay scheme was introduced.There are several different kinds of performance-related pay.They suffered 25 percent performance-related pay cuts, dropping to £996,000 and £740,700 respectively.Private-school staff resist performance-related pay, so the lazy and incompetent can earn as much as inspirational enthusiasts.Meanwhile the performance-related pay proposals are destructive and divisive.