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subsub2 verb (subbed, subbing) informal  1 [intransitive]REPLACE to act as a substitute for someonesub for Roy’s subbing for Chris in tonight’s game.2 [transitive] British EnglishBEW to give someone part of their wages earlier than usual or lend them money I subbed Fenella a tenner to get a decent bunch of flowers.3 [transitive] British EnglishTCN to subedit something→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
subFinally, with less than two minutes left in the game, she starts subbing.With four minutes left, the Ducks are up by twenty-two, and Jody is confident enough to start subbing.Jody starts subbing deep from the bench.sub forCould you sub for me Monday? I have a doctor's appointment.Lassiter was subbed for Ramos in the second half.Eisenreich subbed for the injured Alou in Wednesday's game.