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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishtake-home payˈtake-home ˌpay noun [uncountable]  BEWthe amount of money that you receive from your job after taxes etc have been taken out
Examples from the Corpus
take-home payWorkers are not able to choose to trade small adjustments in hours worked against take-home pay.When they go on sick leave, their aggregate take-home pay is actually higher than when they are on the job.However, after paying travel expenses her take-home pay would have been the same.So her take-home pay as a working cosmetologist was only about $ 6. 70 an hour.Your monthly bills, including mortgage or rent, should not be more than half your monthly take-home pay.Mr Wendt's take-home pay could be down to £828,345 against £1.1 million under the Tories.Over the past 12 years, the take-home pay of a married man with two children has increased by more than 30 percent.The take-home pay of the young will have to be substantially reduced to provide pensions for the increased numbers of elderly.