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adrift aft ahoy aircraft carrier amidships anchor(n) anchor(v) anchorage ark astern ballast barge bargee bargepole barnacle barque barrage beach beam becalmed berth(n) berth(v) bilge bill of lading billow blade boat boat hook boathouse boating boatman bob bollard boom bow bridge brig bulkhead bunk buoy cabin cabin boy cabin class cabin cruiser cable canal canal boat canoe(n) canoe(v) capstan captain catamaran circumnavigate clipper coast coaster coastguard cockpit commodore companionway conning tower coracle cordage cox coxswain craft crew crossing crow's nest cruise cruise liner cruiser cruise ship cutter deck decompression chamber derrick dinghy disembark disgorge displacement dock(n) dock(v) docker dockside dockyard dory downstream draught draw drawbridge dredge dredger drift(v) drift(n) drifter driftwood drilling platform drown dry dock dugout dyke embark ensign ferry(n) ferry(v) ferryboat figurehead first mate first officer fleet flotilla fo'c'sle forecastle founder frigate frogman galleon galley gangplank gangway gondola gondolier grappling iron ground gunnel gunwale halyard harbour hatch hawser helm helmsman high tide high water high water mark hold hoot(n) hoot(v) houseboat hovercraft hulk hull hydrofoil hydroplane(n) hydroplane(v) icebreaker inboard inflatable inflow Jet Ski jetty jib junk kayak keel ketch knot kt land landing stage lane launch(v) launch(n) leeward life belt lifeboat life buoy life jacket lifeline life preserver life raft life vest lighter lighthouse lightship liner list lock lock keeper log book longshoreman low tide low water low water mark lugger mainmast mainsail maritime mast master masthead merchantman merchant navy merchant seaman minesweeper mizzen moor mooring mother ship motorboat narrow boat nautical navigable navigate navigation oakum oar oarlock oarsman oarswoman oceangoing offshore oil slick oil tanker outboard motor outrigger overboard oyster bed packet boat paddle(n) paddle(v) paddle steamer passage pelagic periscope pier pilot(n) pilot(v) pitch Plimsoll line plot ply poop deck port porthole port of call powerboat privateer promenade deck propeller prow punt(n) punt(v) purser quadrant quarterdeck quay raft rafting reef refit regatta resurface rig(v) rig(n) rigging roll(v) roll(n) roll-on roll-off ro-ro row rowboat rowing rowing boat rowlock rubber dinghy rudder sail(v) sail(n) sailboat sailing sailing boat sailing ship sailor saloon sampan schooner scull(n) scull(v) scupper(v) scupper(n) scuttle seaborne sea captain sea dog seafaring seagoing sea lane sea legs sealer seaman seamanship seaworthy sheet ship shipmate shipping shipping lane ship's chandler shipwreck shipwright shipyard side-wheeler skiff skull and crossbones slaver slipway sloop sluice smack sonar spar speedboat splice SS starboard steam steamboat steamer steamship steerage steersman stern stevedore steward stewardess stoker sub submarine(n) submarine(a) submersible sundeck supertanker swab swell swing bridge tack(n) tack(v) tender third class tiller tonnage topside towpath transport transport ship trawler trim trimaran troopship tub tug upstream vessel voyage(n) voyage(v) wake wardroom warship water waterborne waterlogged waterway weir whaler wheelhouse whirlpool windjammer windward wreck yachting

Language: Old English
Origin: wæter


1 noun
wa‧ter1 S3 W1 [uncountable]


DN the clear liquid without colour, smell, or taste that falls as rain and that is used for drinking, washing etcCOLLOCATIONS COLLOCATIONS
glass/drink of water tap water (=water that comes out of a tap) drinking water spring/mineral/bottled water (=water to drink that you buy in bottles) running water (=water that comes out of a system of pipes) stagnant water (=still water in a lake, pool etc) seawater/bathwater/rainwater hot/cold/boiling/tepid etc water soapy water hard/soft water (=water that contains a lot of or a little calcium) salt/fresh water (=water that contains salt or does not contain salt) turn on/turn off the water (=turn a tap to let water come out or to stop it coming out)
There's water all over the bathroom floor.
Does anyone want a drink of water?
a glass of sparkling mineral water
All rooms have hot and cold running water.
Pour boiling water over the rice and let it soak.
a fresh water spring
When dealing with a burst pipe, always turn off the water first.
contamination of the local water supply

area of water

a) DN an area of water such as the sea, a lake etc
Rangoon is surrounded on three sides by water.
Denzil dived into the water.
He stepped down to the water's edge.
by water (=by boat)
The temple can only be reached by water.
b) DN the surface of a lake, river etc [↪ underwater]
on the water
something floating on the water


[plural] a large area of water, especially an ocean that is near or belongs to a particular country:
the coastal waters of Alaska
a species found in inland waters (=not the sea, but rivers, lakes etc)

high/low water

HEO the highest or lowest level of the sea and some rivers [= tide]

uncharted/troubled/murky waters

formal a situation that is difficult, dangerous, or unfamiliar:
the uncharted waters of the 21st century

be (all) water under the bridge

informal used to say that what happened in the past should be forgotten

like water

if you use something or spend money like water, you use or spend large amounts of it when you should try to save it - used to show disapproval:
Some of the companies were spending money like water.

like water off a duck's back

informal if criticism, warnings etc are like water off a duck's back, they have no effect on the person you are saying them to

somebody's waters break

MB when a pregnant woman's waters break, liquid comes from her body just before her baby is born

water on the brain/knee

old-fashioned informal liquid around the brain or knee as the result of a disease

take the waters

old-fashioned to wash yourself in or drink special water that is thought to make you healthy

make/pass water

formalHBH to urinate
soda water, toilet water

; ➔ in deep water

at deep1 (15)

; ➔ take to something like a duck to water

at duck1 (4)

; ➔ of the first water

at first1 (18)

; ➔ (be/feel) like a fish out of water

at fish1 (3)

; ➔ not hold water

at hold1 (37)

; ➔ in hot water

at hot1 (10)

; ➔ muddy the waters

at muddy2 (2)

; ➔ pour cold water over/on something

at pour (6)

; ➔ still waters run deep

at still2 (5)

; ➔ test the water

at test2 (7)

; ➔ tread water

at tread1 (5)

; ➔ troubled waters

at troubled (3)