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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishamidshipsa‧mid‧ships /əˈmɪdˌʃɪps/ adverb technical  TTWMIDDLEin the middle part of a ship
Examples from the Corpus
amidshipsThe cat, although nervous, appears unharmed by the tennis ball which has just struck it amidships.The flight deck control post, where I sat, was situated on the port side, amidships.Then it struck the raft amidships and disappeared from view for a moment.A porthole was opened amidships and on a plank lay the small body.Provision was also made for two other Lewis guns, one amidships and one in the tail.Usually, they had a single mast stepped amidships and were rigged with a single square sail.The worst situation was amidships, by the base of the mainmast.There was a low deckhouse amidships with an upper wheel and emergency tiller steering from a small cockpit aft.