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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishanchoragean‧chor‧age /ˈæŋkərɪdʒ/ noun  1 [countable]TTW a place where ships can anchor2 [countable, uncountable]FASTEN/DO UP a place where something can be firmly fastened
Examples from the Corpus
anchorageThese frequently stand vacant but provide an anchorage and storage space.91,000 cars had to be recalled because their seat belt anchorages were not strong enough.There was a deepwater anchorage a few miles downstream, in an inlet of Bridgemarsh Island.High seed rates cause a dramatic reduction in anchorage strength because the spread of the structural roots is restricted.With their secluded anchorages and bights, Anacapa and the other Channel Islands fairly beckon sailboat skippers.Lying in the anchorage were two light cruisers, a number of destroyers, and about ten cargo ships.But despite the general quiet of the anchorage, one felt the excitement permeating the entire fleet.