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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbuoybuoy1 /bɔɪ $ ˈbuːi, bɔɪ/ noun [countable]  TTWan object that floats on the sea, a lake etc to mark a safe or dangerous area
Examples from the Corpus
buoyWe put a buoy on her; a tuna buoy, a twelve-footer.To the accompaniment of foghorns and buoy bells, beside a crackling fire, l slowly eat my dinner.Satellite and buoy data can now detect a developing El Nino eight or nine months before that.Course racing A discipline of competitive windsurfing which involves racing around a course marked by a series of buoys.She dived down and swam out strongly against the current, towards an orange buoy at the outer edge of the bay.But, like Conner, he brushed the buoy and was penalised.The buoy is somehow a fitting monument to the crew members who lost their lives here.