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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcraftcraft1 /krɑːft $ kræft/ ●●○ W3 noun  1 (plural crafts) [countable]TICDLH a job or activity in which you make things with your hands, and that you usually need skill to dohandicraft traditional rural crafts arts and crafts2 (plural craft) [countable] a) TTWa small boat b) TTATTSan aircraft or spacecraft3 [singular] formalGOOD AT the skills needed for a particular profession The musician spends years perfecting his craft.4 [uncountable]INTELLIGENT skill in deceiving people Craft and cunning were necessary for the scheme to work. landing craftCOLLOCATIONSadjectivesa traditional/ancient craftThe Navajo Indians sell their jewellery and other traditional crafts.a local craftlocal crafts such as glass blowing and leather worka rural/country craft (=done in the countryside)The museum contains exhibits of old rural crafts.a skilled craftBuilding stone walls is a highly skilled craft.verbslearn a craftAs a girl, she had to learn the craft of hand sewing.practise a craft British English, practice a craft American EnglishThe craftsmen use traditional tools to practise their ancient crafts.craft + NOUNa craft shop (=selling things made by craftsmen or women)craft work (=things made by craftsmen or women)Craft work, such as hand-knitted items or decorated cakes, often sells well.a craft workshop (=place where a craftsman or woman works)a craft fair (=event where people buy and sell crafts)a craft centre British English, a craft center American English (=building where you can see different crafts and buy things)phrasesarts and crafts (=things produced by artists and craftsmen or women)an exhibition of Indian arts and crafts
Examples from the Corpus
craftCraft and cunning are necessary for the scheme to work.Look instead at any self-organising galleries in your area, art and craft co-operatives, societies, guilds, and so on.There were no survivors from either craft.I intend to detonate it as the first craft land.Search and rescue craft were at the scene of the crash this morning.But a rotating craft exerts Coriolis forces, which work in a different direction from a centripetal force.A love of gardening easily combines with the craft of flower pressing, as one leads naturally into the other.He then deals with the craft itself, offering valuable advice on film types and exposure.I have worked in this craft a long time, so I am very appreciative of my success.There were craft workshops, shops and counting houses for the commercial and artisan community.