Topic: WATER

Date: 1600-1700
Language: Dutch
Origin: kruisen 'to make a cross, cruise', from Middle Dutch cruce 'cross', from Latin crux; CROSS2


1 verb
1 [intransitive and transitive]TTWDLO to sail along slowly, especially for pleasure:
We were cruising in the Caribbean all winter.
an evening spent cruising the River Seine
2 [intransitive usually + adverb/preposition]TT to move at a steady speed in a car, aircraft etc:
We were cruising along at 50 miles per hour.
We fly at a cruising speed of 500 mph.
3 [intransitive and transitive]TTC to drive a car slowly through a place with no particular purpose:
They cruised up and down the coast road.
4 [intransitive] informal to do something well or successfully, without too much effort
cruise to
The horse cruised to a three-length win.
5 [intransitive and transitive] informal to go to a bar or other public place, looking for a sexual partner:
We went cruising the singles bars.

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