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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdockerdock‧er /ˈdɒkə $ ˈdɑːkər/ noun [countable] British English  BOTTWsomeone whose job is loading and unloading ships syn longshoreman American English
Examples from the Corpus
dockerI remember one feller that came in - a respectable buck, a docker.He was a docker, living in Artillery Lane off Bishopsgate, not far from Houndsditch.Round the Docks and St Anne's Street, batting dockers and labourers.Three days later 1,000 London dockers marched in support of the speech.Not till ten years later, however, did the London dockers stage their great historic strike.After another short chat they joined the exodus of dockers leaving the ship.The place where rivermen dockers and farmworkers could relax after a hard day's work.While the newcomers slept, George, Marc, Alan and Jimmy moved the last few hundred items off the docker.