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driftdrift2 ●○○ noun  1 SNOWsnow/sand [countable]DN a large pile of snow or sand that has been blown by the winddrift of The road is blocked with massive drifts of snow. a snow drift2 CHANGEchange [singular] a slow change or development from one situation, opinion etc to anotherdrift towards/to a drift towards longer working hours3 movement of peopleTRAVEL [singular, uncountable] a slow movement of large numbers of people that has not been planneddrift from/to/into the drift from the countryside to the cities4 the drift (of something)5 SHIPships/planes [uncountable]TTW the movement of a ship or plane from its original direction because of the movement of the wind or water6 slow movement [uncountable] very slow movement, especially over water or through the air
Examples from the Corpus
driftThe party has experienced a drift toward the right in the last two years.The endless drift from the past to the future.It was a complicated argument but I think I caught his drift.High winds were becoming a problem, blowing snow into drifts 3 to 5 feet high in places.All the roads to Denver were blocked by snow drifts.His presidential hopes thus suffered a fatal blow in the snow drifts of New Hampshire.Make sure that you correct the drift before touch down and then be prepared to prevent the swing into wind.He was breathing, but his leg was a mess, must have been hit on the drift down.The drifts were granulated and shrinking under my eyes.The drift of his letter is that he wants to come back.I follow your drift, but I just don't believe it.drift towards/toHe nodded slowly and she felt his gaze drift to the gold band on her wedding finger.Then his usual calm came back, and he drifted to the door of the barn, hands in pockets.He drifts to the sideboard and looks for something else.But we are now drifting to the next stages of the methodology.The smoke drifted to and fro among us.Above all the drift to a self-seeking, self-satisfying, self-fulfilling approach to relationships is where the rot is really setting in.But not the drift to the mainland for work for the young men.drift from/to/intoLooking carefully all about me, I drift into the carpark.Adam blew the feather into the air and let it drift to the floor.Morton drifted into the grand salon, which was teeming with people.A piece of straw drifted to the ground.The seminar also called on governments to support small farmers, in order to help reduce the drift to the cities.Earth had begun to drift from the cross-wires; the radio antenna was no longer pointing toward its target.We seemed to drift into tranquility once we reached the long plateau stretch on the high road to Taos.