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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishferryfer‧ry1 /ˈferi/ ●●○ noun (plural ferries) [countable]  TTWa boat that carries people or goods across a river or a narrow area of water
Examples from the Corpus
ferryBoats and ferries potter the local coves and islands if you haven't done enough pottering in our own craft.Extra ferries are needed to bring them back home.On South Street, from the direction of the Governors Island ferry, came another flock of street urchins.Two children found dead on ferry Two children have been found dead from asphyxiation on board a ferry crossing from Swansea to Cork.After the ferry incident, we make good time.Our sails are down and the ferry has the right of way.The station at Dieppe is less than half-a-mile from the ferry port and is well-signposted.He went out and took the path that leads up over the ridge to the ferry.