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founderfounder2 verb [intransitive] formal  1 FAILto fail after a period of time because something has gone wrong Their marriage began to founder soon after the honeymoon.founder on The talks foundered on disagreements between the two parties.2 TTWif a ship or boat founders, it fills with water and sinksfounder on The ship foundered on the rocks.→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
founderBy 1992 her marriage was foundering.The will and morale and community of its people can founder.According to court records, Dubroff's business was foundering and he was facing eviction.His business had started to founder and his company had gone into insolvent liquidation.He has extracted land and money from business interests, but his revolutionary experiment has foundered from the start.Detail does matter because concepts which are excellent in their general sweep can founder on a small matter of detail.