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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishgunwalegun‧wale (also gunnel) /ˈɡʌnl/ noun [countable]  TTWthe upper edge of the side of a boat or small ship
Examples from the Corpus
gunwaleThe side of a ship, the Argo, shields along the gunwale, lies in a plane parallel to the background.He deflected the blow, and the razor edge cut deep into the gunwale of the ship.He perched himself on the edge of the gunwale and took the two ends of the rope in his hands.Reverend Sinnett sat on the gunwale, gripping his slim thighs.The boy jerked them in over the gunwale, his father giving an unnecessary push from underneath.Others leaned over the gunwale watching their own reflections ripple over the black water.With the two of them on board, the stern dipped until the gunwale was inches above the water.