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holdhold2 ●●● S2 W3 noun  1 holding something [singular]HOLD the action of holding something with your hands syn griphold on She released her tight hold on the dog. He tightened his hold, refusing to let her go. Make sure you keep hold of my hand when we cross the road. I took hold of her hand and gently led her away. Grab hold of the rope and pull yourself up.2 get hold of something3 get hold of somebody4 control/power [singular] control, power, or influence over something or someoneget/keep a hold on/of something He struggled to get a hold of his emotions. I’ve always kept a tight hold on our finances. I realized that the woman had a hold over my father.5 on hold6 take (a) hold7 get hold of an idea/an impression/a story etc8 fight [countable]DSO a particular position that you hold an opponent in, in a fight or a sport such as wrestling9 climbing [countable]DSO somewhere you can put your hands or feet to help you climb something The cliff was steep and it was difficult to find a hold.10 ship [countable]TTW the part of a ship below the deck1(1) where goods are stored11 no holds barredCOLLOCATIONSadjectivesa tight/firm holdRose had a tight hold of her hand.verbstighten your holdMaria winced as Luke tightened his hold on her fingers.loosen/relax your holdLaughing, he loosened his hold until she could pull her arms free.release your hold (=stop holding something)As soon as his fingers released their hold, Robyn turned and ran.phraseskeep hold of something (=hold something without letting go)I had to run to keep hold of the leather strap.get/take hold of something (=start holding something)Wallace took hold of Fred’s jacket and pulled him roughly backwards.catch/grab/seize etc hold of something (=start holding something quickly and firmly)She grabbed hold of the letter and tore it open.have hold of something (=be holding something)Nathan had hold of her hand again.
Examples from the Corpus
holdThe cliff is steep and it's difficult to find a hold.Bowman caught hold of the short lever fastened to the valve and with his last strength pulled it down.In this form of wrestling there are a number of different holds, each used in a different situation.And I think I just might try to get hold of Mark.But when you get hold of the document and look at the detail you're in for a nasty surprise.It was a bit late for that, since the press had got hold of the story anyway.Here was a gravity you could argue with; here was a horizon close enough to reach out and grasp hold of.Prevost asked me if I still had hold of my camera.My mother relaxed, and loosened her hold on my hand.Kara tightened her hold on the bat.I tightened my hold on the child as we crossed the busy road.Analysts say the company has a potential to become extremely profitable if the technology takes hold.The wine Adrienne had kept passing to her was taking hold of an empty stomach.tight hold onHe had a tight hold on the audience, totally in command of his band.He says you have to keep a tight hold on the nuts.She would be keeping a tight hold on her feelings from now on.Dominic crept carefully down the stairs, keeping a tight hold on the gleaming mahogany banister.The purge reflects the party leadership's concern with keeping a tight hold on the political reins.Keeping a tight hold on herself, she went in search of Helen and accepted with gratitude her invitation to lunch.get/keep a hold on/of somethingIf I could get hold of him, I'd kill him.She wanted to know how she could get hold of that poem, and maybe that whole book.He simply can not bear the thought of his hated enemy getting hold of young Adam.Do you know if such a list exists and if so where I might get hold of it?They are swiftly-moving animals and not easy to get hold of.And I think I just might try to get hold of Mark.How on earth did you get hold of this?