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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishhullhull1 /hʌl/ noun [countable]  1 TTWthe main part of a ship that goes in the waterwooden-hulled/steel-hulled etc (=having a wood, steel etc hull)2 the outer covering of seeds, rice, grain etchusk
Examples from the Corpus
hullConcrete hulls, reinforced with glass-fibre rather than steel, have been used in boat building for many years.My Snake-Pit room was below the waterline; the port hull was all that separated me from the sea.Then he began his tour of the pressure hull.A cast of thousands would be required to man the hulls.A glass tide tinkled on the hull of the receiver, its echoing obsidian.The hulls were almost clear of the water, mast bowing like an archer's longbow.More than a dozen boats bobbed against the docks, their hulls restless in the approaching dusk.As the temperature rises in the museum under the hot sun moisture evaporates from the ship's wooden hull.