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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishjettyjet‧ty /ˈdʒeti/ noun (plural jetties) [countable]  TTWa wide wall or flat area built out into the water, used for getting on and off boatspier
Examples from the Corpus
jettyA lift leads from the terrace to a private jetty with towels, deck-chairs, sun umbrellas and a beach bar.Members heard that leisure facilities such as fishing and boating will be improved by permanent fishing platforms and a proper jetty.And the ships and the jetty leave their spotlights on all night.An hour later, taxiing across the glimmering surface of the lake, the floatplane approached the jetty.They were past the protection of the jetties now, crossing the open water.The rocks of the jetties had an odor that was both pleasant and unpleasant, Salty and fishy.On the other side the oarsmen leapt out into the mud and hauled us up to the jetty.