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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishkeelkeel1 /kiːl/ noun  1 on an even keel2 TTW[countable] a bar along the bottom of a boat that keeps it steady in the water
Examples from the Corpus
keelBut then he wasn't carrying tons of lead on a keel that had to be dragged through the water.I was supposed to be a caretaker, charged with setting the branch back on an even keel.These two kept her on an even keel.So when we got up here, I was really enjoying sort of keeping things on an even keel at home.Had the peak risen up from the waters and punctured the keel, thereby skewering the vessel in place?These bronze fastenings protrude through the keel and would have secured the main station frames of the hull.At the same time, the keel can be reinforced with extra pieces of spare fabric, and eyelets riveted in place.