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landland2 ●●● S2 W3 verb  1 plane/bird/insect a) [intransitive] if a plane, bird, or insect lands, it moves safely down onto the ground opp take off Flight 846 landed five minutes ago. The bird landed gracefully on the water. b) [transitive] to make a plane move safely down onto the ground at the end of a journey The pilot managed to land the aircraft safely.2 arrive by boat/plane [intransitive]TTATTW to arrive somewhere in a plane, boat etcland on/in/at etc We expect to be landing in Oslo in about fifty minutes. In 1969, the first men landed on the Moon.see thesaurus at arrive3 fall/come down [intransitive always + adverb/preposition]FALL to come down through the air onto something syn dropland in/on/under etc A large branch landed on the hood of my car. Louis fell out of the tree and landed in a holly bush. She fell and landed heavily on the floor. A couple of bombs landed quite near to the village.4 goods/people [transitive]PUT if a boat or aircraft lands people or goods, it brings them to a place, and the people get out or the goods are carried out The troops were landed by helicopter.5 job/contract etc [transitive] informalGET to succeed in getting a job, contract etc that was difficult to get He landed a job with a law firm.land yourself something Bill’s just landed himself a part in a Broadway show. 6 land somebody in trouble/hospital/court etc7 land somebody in it8 problems [intransitive always + adverb/preposition]PROBLEM to arrive unexpectedly, and cause problemsland in/on/under etc Just when I thought my problems were over, this letter landed on my desk.9 land a punch/blow etc10 land on your feet11 catch fish [transitive]DSO to catch a fishGrammarLand belongs to a group of verbs where the same noun can be the subject of the verb or its object. You can say: He landed the plane in a field. In this sentence, ‘the plane’ is the object of land.You can say: The plane landed in a field. In this sentence, ‘the plane’ is the subject of land. land up land somebody with something→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
landHe didn't hear it land.Most at least peek to see where the ball lands.A French company has landed a contract to supply computers to China.Luckily, I managed to land a great job with a law firm.You mean Rich landed an 18-pound fish by himself?Despite severe weather conditions, the Boeing 727 landed as scheduled.When the plane landed at JFK, it was three hours late.We will be landing at Singapore airport at 3 am local time.He loves watching planes take off and land at the airport.It was not a bad wound, but entirely enough to make me land badly and wrench my ankle.Flight 846 from Cleveland landed five minutes ago.He's managed to land himself an amazing job in advertising.We then set out for Muscat, but with nightfall approaching, we landed in Abu Dhabi.Before landing in Algiers, we circled the airport several times.She thought of landing in New York.There's a plane coming in to land now.A flock of Canada geese landed on the river in front of us.Fishermen were landing their catch at the harbor.land on/in/at etcFairfield, which bought the land in 1994, remains strategically tight-lipped on its plans for the rest of the ranch.However, landing at a natural rock jetty is possible in good conditions.The car shot over the edge and landed in a sand dune.Antony Carswalle, vicar of Whitchurch, who died in 1521, owned land in Garsington, Oxon.Although much of the area around a pool at this time may be exposed rock, the gobies never land on it.So I landed in one of the least used departments on campus.The Edwardian stairs were next to land on the bonfire.landed heavilyTony jumped from high up, landed heavily and pulled a face.Being a large woman, she'd landed heavily, badly hurting her left hip, her right knee and ankle.He landed heavily on gravel by the track.Pain flared in his thigh wound as he landed heavily on his injured leg.He crashed into a table, somersaulted over it and landed heavily on the carpet.He crashed into a table and landed heavily on the floor and had to be helped to his feet by friends.The stone swung up and landed heavily on the floor.He screamed as he landed heavily on the vibrating flagstones.land yourself somethingBill's just landed himself a part in a Broadway show.land in/on/under etcIt was this, unfinished, runway that I landed on.Bucky, works for the real-estate agency that sold me my land on Adams Hill in 1977.If this had been implemented, taxation of church land in Kent, which was extensive, would have ceased.It is dark when Queequeg and Ishmael land in Nantucket.The marines would land on the beach north of the valley.Then she landed on the Market Square flagstones with a sickening crash to lie motionless.That car was thrown into the air and landed on the next car in line, killing Waltrick.He already owns farming land in Wiltshire.