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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishlanding stageˈlanding stage noun [countable] British English  TTWa wooden structure for moving passengers and goods to and from boatsjetty
Examples from the Corpus
landing stageHe built the Stone Quay both as a landing stage and promenade.Around £300,000 a year has been spent patching up its ageing landing stage.The new station is inconvenient to pedestrians, being a considerable walk from the ferries' landing stage.A short stroll leads to Menaggio's ferry landing stage.Burkett's daughter would saddle up a horse and ride down the east shore of Derwent Water to the Lodore landing stage.The hotel is set in a quiet back street with its own landing stage and a tiny pavement terrace.Sir Gregory, Amyas and two menservants were to take him down to the landing stage where a boat was waiting.It took half an hour before she came across it, moored by a small wooden landing stage.