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Language: Old English
Origin: lanu


lane S3 W3 [countable]
1 a narrow road in the countryside [↪ path]:
2 a road in a city, often used in road names:
the Hilton Hotel in Park Lane
a network of alleys and back lanes (=narrow unimportant roads, often behind a row of houses)
3TTR one of the two or three parallel areas on a road which are divided by painted lines to keep traffic apart:
That idiot changed lanes without signalling.
the inside/middle/outside lane
Use the outside lane for overtaking only.
the fast/slow lane
Cars in the fast lane were travelling at over 80 miles an hour.
bus lane, cycle lane
4DS one of the narrow parallel areas marked for each competitor in a running or swimming race
5TTWTTA a line or course along which ships or aircraft regularly travel between ports or airports:

➔ life in the fast lane

at fast lane (1)

➔ walk/trip down memory lane

at memory (7)
a big road: main road, highway, motorway British English, freeway American English, expressway, turnpike American English, interstate American English, A-road British English

a road in a town: street, avenue, boulevard

a road in the countryside: country road, lane, track

a road you pay to use: toll road

parts of a road: fast lane, slow lane, hard shoulder British English/shoulder American English, central reservation British English/median strip American English, pavement British English/sidewalk American English

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