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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishlaunchlaunch1 /lɔːntʃ $ lɒːntʃ/ ●●○ W2 verb [transitive]  1 start somethingSTART something/MAKE something START to start something, usually something big or important The organization has launched a campaign to raise $150,000. The Canadian police plan to launch an investigation into the deal.launch an attack/assault/offensive The press launched a vicious attack on the president. The book launched his career as a novelist.2 productSELL to make a new product, book etc available for sale for the first time The company hopes to launch the new drug by next October.3 boatTTW to put a boat or ship into the water4 sky/spaceUP to send a weapon or spacecraft into the sky or into space A test satellite was launched from Cape Canaveral.see thesaurus at shoot5 computer to make a computer program start syn open Double-click on an icon to launch an application.6 launch yourself forwards/up/from etc launch into something launch out→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
launchOn the first day of the war over 400 missiles were launched.Wysling has launched a campaign to raise $7000 to restore the monument.The local hospital has launched a campaign to raise money for new X-ray equipment.Police are launching a major murder inquiry.Read in studio Police have launched a new initiative to tackle a rising wave of crime.China is planning to launch a space rocket later this month.A high-technology corporation, for example, might launch a subsidiary to manufacture components for major systems produced by the parent.Fiat launched a tiny "city car" especially for Europe's narrow, crowded streets.Giddy from their wartime success, the Communists launched an ambitious plan aimed at expanding the economy by 14 percent a year.Rebel forces launched an attack on the capital.Mr Major says he has gathered enough support to launch an attack.Modifying current equipment enables them to minimise new capital outlay while the product is being launched and its success evaluated.Rebels launched another attack late Sunday.The book launched his career as a novelist.Fezza, the clothes designer, launched his first collection in 1980.Of five landing missions launched in 1965, all five failed.I positioned myself immediately below him, took a couple of practice aims and then launched my training shoe upwards.Fiat has launched the smaller car model for city driving.NASA will try to launch the space shuttle again on Sunday.The most popular option is the DOS-based WordPerfect system which has launched version 6.0, being the first significant enhancement since 5.1.launch an attack/assault/offensiveBut why does the otter not take advantage of this sense of security to launch an attack?Their-very wildness provides ideal shelter in which guerrillas can hide and from which to launch attacks.Then the Confederates launched an attack.The village is soon surrounded by the Viet Cong, who launch attacks at night.Karpov hopes to launch an attack in the h-file.Then he launched an assault on his Moscow neighbour.He is said to have launched an attack on the Areopagus, for usurpation of powers that were not statutory.