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launchlaunch2 ●●○ noun [countable]  1 SELLwhen a new product, book etc is made available or made knownlaunch of the launch of a new women’s magazine a new product launch2 TTWa large boat with a motor3 when a weapon or spacecraft is sent into the sky or into space
Examples from the Corpus
launchthe West Coast launch of his new cologneSince its launch in 1988, sales of OS/2 have grown to only about 300,000 a year.During the launch, two rockets boost the shuttle before separating and falling back into the sea.the launch of nuclear weaponsThe launch of the research centre is slated for December.product launchHe has worked full time as a magician and illusionist since 1998, entertaining primarily at corporate retreats and product launches.Not all the losses resulting from a delayed product launch are concerned with that product.But how important is another domestic product launch in 1992?First, we got the marketing team together to review, in detail, our last major product launch.The last major product launch two years ago really solidified a couple of new markets for us.We will have a brand new product launch every six months for the next three years.We are still optimistic about further growth during the year with a number of new product launches planned in the coming months.