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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishlifeboatlife‧boat /ˈlaɪfbəʊt $ -boʊt/ noun [countable]  1 TTWa boat that is sent out to help people who are in danger at sealifeboat crew/station/service2 TTWa small boat carried by ships in order to save people if the ship sinks
Examples from the Corpus
lifeboatScott's Discovery, and mementoes of whaling industry and local lifeboats in castle at Broughty Ferry.Meanwhile, we trust the endeavours of our lifeboat colleagues will continue to fire your support.Young Bruce's flirtation with Padstow lifeboat didn't make good reading.It will have been one of the most comprehensively designed and tested lifeboats to have been built anywhere in the world.As the lifeboat reached his perch, it struck the raft, and a cry of exultation rose from the spectators.With the nine survivors on board the lifeboat moved off into deeper water and the two men checked the vessel.Southern Princess went down around 0300 hours but we got away in the lifeboats.lifeboat crew/station/serviceHe has trained handicapped youngsters at sea and is a lifeboat crew member.Once again the conference has brought home the value of sharing knowledge between the lifeboat services around the world.It was only when I started to receive my magazine that I realised just how courageous the lifeboat crews are.The scheme has already netted the lifeboat service a considerable extra sum of money.The articles show the bravery, skill and commitment that is needed by each of the lifeboat crews.The awards recognise exceptional contributions in promoting the lifeboat service.The courage and endeavours of the volunteer lifeboat crews have fired the support of many generations.