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listlist2 ●●● S2 W3 verb  1 [transitive]LIST to write a list, or mention things one after the other The guidebook lists 1,000 hotels and restaurants.2 [transitive] to put someone on an official list, especially a hospital or court listlist somebody in fair/stable etc condition Several passengers were listed in critical condition. The case was listed for trial in the Crown Court.3 [intransitive]TTW if a ship lists, it leans to one side→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
listPtolemy compiled a star catalogue in which he listed 48 constellations.Parish Churches Norman work surviving among these is too numerous to list.a useful booklet, listing all the colleges that take part-time studentsA teacher volunteers and works the staff through a brainstorming session, listing all the issues that they feel should be discussed.The books are listed alphabetically, according to the name of the author.Some of the most straight forward of these are listed at the end of this book.He listed how many of those people were working feverishly on space.These should be available from most good component suppliers and are certainly listed in the Maplin catalogue.A new 30-page Hong Kong guide lists more than 100 budget hotels.Chapman lists rugby as one of his hobbies.The ballots sent to 2,987 property owners list the two separate assessments.Cer-tain rosaries are listed without mysteries.