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ldoce_205_glocklock2 ●●● S2 noun πŸ”Š πŸ”Š 1 fastening [countable]D a thing that keeps a door, drawer etc fastened and is usually opened with a key or by moving a small metal bar πŸ”Š I’m sorry, there isn’t a lock on the bathroom door. πŸ”Š The key turned stiffly in the lock. πŸ”Š a bike lock β†’ pick a lock at pick1(10)2 β†’ under lock and key3 β†’ lock, stock, and barrel4 hair a) [countable]DCB a small number of hairs on your head that grow and hang togetherlock of πŸ”Š He gently pushed a lock of hair from her eyes. b) locks [plural] literaryDCB someone’s hair πŸ”Š long flowing locks5 on a river etc [countable]TTW a part of a canal or river that is closed off by gates so that the water level can be raised or lowered to move boats up or down a slope6 in a fight [countable]DSO a hold which wrestlers use to prevent their opponent from moving πŸ”Š a head lock7 vehicle [countable, uncountable] British EnglishTTC the degree to which a vehicle’s front wheels can be turned in order to turn the vehicle8 rugby [countable] a playing position in the game of rugby9 β†’ a lock on something β†’ air lock, combination lock
Examples from the Corpus
lockβ€’ She kept a lock of his baby hair in a book.β€’ Equipment was stolen from a construction site entered by cutting a front-door lock.β€’ That explains why there are no locks on the lockers in the hall.β€’ There's no lock on the door.β€’ Two types of locks had been developed by the Romans: the tumbler lock, and the lever lock.β€’ Open up - watch the hard rasp as the key slides into the lock - and step inside.β€’ The lock snapped and the detective levered up the bottom section.β€’ The locks were closed again, the process ended, insipid Vadinamian refreshments were served in the visitors gallery.