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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmastheadmast‧head /ˈmɑːsthed $ ˈmæst-/ noun [countable]  1 TCNthe name of a newspaper, magazine etc printed in a special design at the top of the first page2 TTWTBthe top of a mast on a ship
Examples from the Corpus
mastheadLouise, in his bow like a brave masthead, was soaked to the skin.Its masthead is a parody of mastheads; its subscription card carries a hilarious attack on subscription cards.A new flag was bought for the masthead and a scheme put in hand to cover part of the terraces.He found his Walther safe in the masthead.As the sail whipped free of the masthead, he leaped back into the cockpit to loose the spinnaker sheets.The leading ship raised a raven flag to the masthead, and Killer-Bardi ran up another.The mastheads of beached yachts tinkled in a stiff breeze.