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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishnauticalnau‧ti‧cal /ˈnɔːtɪkəl $ ˈnɒː-/ adjective  TTWrelating to ships, boats, or sailing nautical equipment
Examples from the Corpus
nauticalLittle about the stateroom was nautical.What if William and the Watch went down together in some nautical disaster on the next trial?Between them, they have it all: restaurants, historic sights, clothing shops, nautical exhibits.Brilliant white walls and shimmering blue paintwork give the hallway a jaunty nautical feel.Old-fashioned bistro atmosphere with nautical flavour.Each tube can hold a Trident missile with up to eight nuclear warheads that can be flung 4,000 nautical miles.The Tomahawk had a range of 500 nautical miles.