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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishoarsmanoars‧man /ˈɔːzmən $ ˈɔːrz-/ noun (plural oarsmen /-mən/) [countable]  TTWDSsomeone who rows a boat, especially in racesrower
Examples from the Corpus
oarsmanHe pulled, and managed to bend forwards at the waist like an oarsman.John Hebbes was one of the University's best oarsmen.You would not want to insult Redgrave by trying to call him the best oarsman in the world.A first-rate swimmer and skilful oarsman, he loved the river as another might love a turbulent and demanding woman.I watched as the boat, propelled by a solitary oarsman, turned into the shore almost directly in front of me.Some people say that lurking in its depths is a fish so dangerous that oarsmen venture out at their peril.When they reached the middle, he ordered the oarsmen to stop and with a last farewell he stepped overboard.This oarsman says it took a bite out of his blade.