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paddlepaddle2 verb (paddled, paddling)  1 [intransitive, transitive]TTW to move a small light boat through water, using one or more paddlespaddle along/upstream/towards etc I desperately tried to paddle for the shore. She and her husband paddled a canoe down the Mississippi. row22 [intransitive] British EnglishDLODSS to walk for pleasure without shoes or socks in water that is not very deep syn wade American English children paddling in the sea3 [intransitive] to swim with short quick movements The dog was paddling furiously after the ducks.4 [transitive] American English informalPUNISH to hit a child with a piece of wood as a punishment5 paddle your own canoe→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
paddleThe two hedgehogs stood on the bank and watched as the vole paddled away.Power surfers are towed behind a jet-ski into massive oceanic swells that move too fast to catch by paddling conventional surfboards.Still, he paddled his way on to the U.S.One of my earliest memories is paddling in the sea with my parents.You just want to tuck the board under your arm, run down the beach, paddle out and have fun.There was a brief debate over which way we should paddle out.I watched the market traders paddling their canoes across the lake.Desmond Fairchild, paddling through the spotlights, his trousers rolled up to his hairy knees, shouted something at her.They named it Michilimackinac, or Great Turtle, because it resembled a turtle as they paddled toward it in canoes.paddle along/upstream/towards etcIrvine was caught next day as he paddled along the coast.paddling in the seaThen some of the younger macaques began paddling in the sea and eventually took the plunge and learned how to swim.