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pilotpilot2 verb [transitive]  1 TTATTWto guide an aircraft, spacecraft, or ship as its pilot2 TEST/EXPERIMENTto test a new idea, product etc on people to find out whether it will be successful The new exams are currently being piloted in a number of areas.3 TAKE/BRING literary to help someone to go to a place4 RESPONSIBLE British English to be responsible for making sure that a new law or plan is officially approvedpilot something through something The Bill was piloted through Parliament by the health minister.→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
pilotI hope that we have a reasonable record on piloting Britain's foreign affairs through troubled times.Jean is being carried toward Smuttynose on a sailboat piloted by her brother-in-law, Rich.In 1995-96 the school was piloting career-related courses in all seven career clusters.Amelia had a wonderful time piloting her pet.The new housing program will be piloted in Chicago and Kansas City.The coursebook was piloted in schools all over Europe.Who was piloting the Boeing 727 when the planes collided?Oxfordshire piloted the forms in Banbury from October 1991 to March this year.