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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishquayquay /kiː $ keɪ, kiː/ noun [countable]  TTWa place in a town or village where boats can be tied up or can stop to load and unload goods
Examples from the Corpus
quaya quay lined with fishing boatsDay 14 Regatta day circumnavigating Skorpios, finish line by Nidri quay.He found half a dozen fishermen seated under the palm trees at the foot of the Co-operative quay.I stayed at the Columba Hotel, just near the quay.To the end of the quay and back.I left my cases parked on the quay, and made my way into the post office.Wearing his scarlet flannel pad, he rolled majestically down the chute to the quay and everybody laughed and cheered.And the worst part was, everyone else seemed to understand it and strode out to the quay full of knowledgeable confidence.