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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishregattare‧gat‧ta /rɪˈɡætə/ noun [countable]  DSTTWa sports event at which there are races for rowing boats or sailing boats
Examples from the Corpus
regattaIt is a picture of the 1888 regatta, but the yachts could have been sailing in the Bay in the 30s.At Caen Musgrave went to a regatta, where seven thousand spectators lined the dockside.The victorious Ellerman & Bucknall rowers at the Port Elizabeth regatta.The event is the first of several planned in advance of the club's double challenge at Henley Royal regatta.August is a fairly quiet month in Shetland apart from social functions like sailing regattas.End up at Spatahori for a punch party - and a briefing on the regatta.Free activities: The brass band gives regular concerts, there are guided walks and even occasional windsurfing regattas!