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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishresurfacere‧sur‧face /ˌriːˈsɜːfɪs $ -ɜːr-/ verb  1 [intransitive]APPEAR to appear again after being lost or missing One of the missing paintings suddenly resurfaced.see thesaurus at appear2 [intransitive] if an idea or problem resurfaces, it becomes important again Nationalist tensions have resurfaced here.3 [transitive]TTR to put a new surface on a road4 [intransitive]TTWUP to come back up to the surface of the water→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
resurfaceAfter three months of hard work, as the team put together its final recommendations, their initial concerns resurfaced.Despite this, I felt it would be better to prove myself in basic training before allowing my real personality to resurface.Now that the portability of the microfilm system makes it an attractive product, the unresolved controversy may resurface.Now the old image of a mean-spirited Dole immediately resurfaces.They postpone spending on road repair until the road has to be rebuilt, at three times the cost of simple resurfacing.The cost of resurfacing a damaged playground is enormous.The M 1 is perpetually being resurfaced, a task that seems to be as endless as repainting the Forth bridge.At the same period the alternative church of love resurfaced in the form of Catharism.Rumors resurfaced that the sale of the company might fall through.