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rowrow2 /rəʊ $ roʊ/ ●●○ verb  [intransitive, transitive]TTW to make a boat move across water using oarsrow away/towards/across She rowed across the lake. Jenny used to row at college (=as a sport).row noun [singular] Why don’t we go for a row?rower noun [countable]→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
rowAs the two rowed away, the mob reached the shore.I lost the race and finished up trying to row half a dinghy with the crew cheering in the distance.In the afternoon, we rowed out to the island.They did not intend rowing so far.Some ironically offered to get into the boats and row them to camp through the mud...In contrast, governments that put steering and rowing within the same organization limit themselves to relatively narrow strategies.row away/towards/acrossBilly rowed across and followed her at a discreet distance.Knit one row across both beds.We were rowed across it in a boat.Caretaker reflected: if he got the Amy Roy's tender out and rowed across, it would take about fifteen minutes.When we saw the outline of a ship in the distance, we rowed towards it.The second turning starts at the outside edge turning the whole field including the double row towards the hedgerow.As the two rowed away, the mob reached the shore.Traditionally, you should row towards the swan, but swan-upping can be hard work and many prefer to be towed.