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sailsail2 ●●○ noun  1 TTW[countable] a large piece of strong cloth fixed onto a boat, so that the wind will push the boat along a yacht with white sailshoist/lower the sails (=put the sails up or down)2 set sail3 under sail
Examples from the Corpus
sailFor these boats a sail which allows them to compete more evenly under handicap rules has obvious advantages.A further use of carbon rod is for sail battens to control flutter, or to improve sail shape.It was like a captain blowing against his own limp sails.Heroism of a different order was on the menu of three of the greatest Casanovas of the age of sail.Several would-be sailors scoffed at the idea of a race until they actually set sail.What's the launch schedule of the test solar sail and how long will it stay in orbit?Then it occurs to us that we could raise the sails to increase our visibility.From 1874 upon the sail was emblazoned the rampant white horse of Kent.