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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishseamansea‧man /ˈsiːmən/ noun (plural seamen /-mən/) [countable]  1 PMNBOa sailor on a ship or in the navy who is not an officer2 TTWsomeone who has a lot of experience of ships and the sea
Examples from the Corpus
seamanThe fire which ironically had the purpose of killing Ralph and the island, saved them as a seaman spotted the smoke.The merchants and seamen called for a committee to consider the current state of affairs.It was a bright little place where the customers were mostly seamen.But at any rate they are an able boat crew and the other seamen of the Pequod accept them.Now the stranger was standing on the quayside, watching several straining seamen carry a large, brass-bound chest down the gangplank.The seamen live at the other end the ship, or forward part.And he seemed to get closer to these seamen because of that.Such subversive navigation by an inferior was forbidden in the Royal Navy, as the unnamed seaman well knew.