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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsheetsheet /ʃiːt/ ●●● S1 W2 noun [countable]  1 for a bedDH a large piece of thin cloth that you put on a bed to lie on or lie underblanket, duvet I’ll go and find you some clean sheets and blankets. white cotton sheetschange the sheets (=put clean sheets on a bed)2 paper a piece of paper for writing on, or containing informationsheet of a sheet of paper with names and numbers on itclean/blank sheet of paper (=one with no writing on it)3 thin flat pieceTHIN OBJECT OR MATERIAL a thin flat piece of something such as metal or glass, that usually has four sidessheet of a sheet of glass sheet metalsee thesaurus at piece4 large flat areaWATER a large flat area of something such as ice or water spread over a surfacesheet of A sheet of ice covered the lake.5 of rain/fireLOT/LARGE NUMBER OR AMOUNT a sheet of rain or fire is a very large moving mass of itsheet of Sheets of flame shot into the air.in sheets The rain was coming down in sheets.6 on a ship technicalTTW a rope or chain attached to a sail on a ship that controls the angle between a sail and the wind baking sheet, balance sheet, cookie sheet, rap sheet, time sheet, → as white as a sheet at white1(3), → clean sheet at clean1(9)
Examples from the Corpus
sheetShe decorated a sheet of mirrored glass with a few pressed flowers.We got a sheet on him.Anyone not on a sheet of paper or who steps off, drops out of the game.He reached into his coat and pulled out a sheet of paper which he unfolded and thrust at Henry.The balance sheet in Table 16.2 shows the various sterling assets of the recognized banks in descending order of liquidity.Groups of carbonate ions are arranged in sheets in a manner somewhat like that of the sheet silicates.During monsoon season, the rain comes down in sheets.Wrapping paper is sold in sheets or rolls.Hotrolled is the least processed sheet steel, while coated is the most processed.Write each answer on a separate sheet.Sinks can be pressed from a single sheet of steel.change the sheetsHotel housekeepers change the sheets every day.I got in the habit of changing the sheets every weekend.Newley and Bricusse would both like to find another Newley and Bricusse, with somebody else - just to change the sheets.sheet ofThe gas leak triggered a huge blast and a sheet of flames.Cover the dish with a sheet of plastic wrap.The temperature dropped quickly, turning puddles into sheets of ice.sheet ... glassFirst choose the size of mirror that you want and then have a sheet of mirrored glass cut to your specifications.Ah, cara, you are like a sheet of glass.If using the latter method cover pots with a sheet of glass - turned daily to disperse condensation - topped with paper.As she walked away she could see his reflection in the tall angled sheets of tinted glass.Their withered skeletal bodies lie in half-opened coffins beneath sheets of glass.Place the other sheet of glass on top, squashing down the sealant and encapsulating the picture.I looked up at a sheer sheet of glass and steel, one of the 1930s Rockerfeller buildings.If you want to watch the woodlice, rest the sheet of glass directly on the top of the pot.sheet ... iceAs if she were being asked to walk across a sheet of ice, and with every step her confidence was faltering.In a mountain valley where arctic blasts have encased the grass in sheets of ice, wild bison are on the move.Weeks of freezing weather had caused large sheets of ice to form on the surface of Lake Erie.Clay can be compared to two sheets of ice separated by water which slide past each other.The sides are a bit icy and there's sort of puddles with sheets of ice over them.in sheetsGroups of carbonate ions are arranged in sheets in a manner somewhat like that of the sheet silicates.Commercially produced cellulose acetate is now available in sheets and rolls in a wide range of thicknesses.This comes in sheets or pads from Saler-Rowney, and is able to withstand much reworking.The rain was still falling in sheets.In a mountain valley where arctic blasts have encased the grass in sheets of ice, wild bison are on the move.The sachets can be frozen individually or in sheets for use in cooling boxes.She lay on her stomach, tangled in sheets, eyes closed and mouth open.The floor was like ice, and the rain beat against the windows in sheets.