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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishshipship1 /ʃɪp/ ●●● S2 W2 noun [countable]  1 TTWa large boat used for carrying people or goods across the sea the ship’s captain a luxury cruise shipby ship supplies that came by ship2 TTSa large spacecraft jump ship at jump1(16), → run a tight ship at tight1(5)THESAURUSships that carry peoplepassenger ship a ship that carries people rather than goodscruise ship a large ship that people have holidays onliner a large ship that sails long distances across the oceanan ocean linera transatlantic linerferry a ship that makes short regular journeys between two placesThe ferry operates daily between Hull and Zeebrugge.ships that carry goodscargo ship/merchant ship a ship that carries goods rather than peoplecontainer ship a ship that carries goods in special containers which can be put on trucksfreighter a large ship that carries goodsoil tanker a ship that carries oilsupertanker a very large ship that carries oilbarge a ship that carries goods on a river or canalmilitary shipswarship a military ship with guns, used in a warbattleship the largest type of ship used in war, with very big guns on itaircraft carrier a military ship that planes can fly from or land ondestroyer a small fast military ship with guns, often used for protecting battleshipsgunboat a small fast ship with guns on it, often used in shallow water near a coastsubmarine a military ship that can stay under watera nuclear submarineminesweeper a military ship used for removing bombs from under water
Examples from the Corpus
shipa reduction in oil shipmentsHundreds of cars are lined up outside the factory, awaiting shipment to France and Holland.Another ship called in that a pilot was killed, and it turned back.I heard what had caught his attention the heavy thump of a big ship engine.a cargo shipa cruise shipHalf-stunned, he struggled back aboard, to defend his ship like a fortress.They identified your ten ships right away and cheered back.They brush off Elijah and board the ship, but they see no sign of the mysterious figures they saw boarding earlier.I moved the aim away from the ship, an automatic precaution.Then they will take their place on the ship at Tilbury among the food, plants and livestock cargo.by shipMost of the island's supplies are brought in by ship.