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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishshippingship‧ping /ˈʃɪpɪŋ/ noun [uncountable]  1 TTWships considered as a group The port is closed to all shipping.2 TTthe delivery of goods, especially by shipshipping company/industry/agent etc a Danish shipping company a shipping route3 American English the amount of money you pay a company to deliver goods to you The jewelry can be yours for $15 plus shipping and handling.
Examples from the Corpus
shippingInvestment in coastal shipping yet again reveals how local the process of capital formation in transport was.Unlike bananas, which continue to ripen after picking, pineapples have been previously transported under-ripe to withstand damage during shipping.He realized he was due for shipping home to Blighty.It intends shipping production code for the first time this week, saying it has hundreds of orders.It is in discussions with two consortia led by Trafalgar House and the shipping and property group P&O;He plays the shipping company boss Mr Jaeger: Male speaker He's only filming for two days.The shipping company seemed to have most of the floor below that occupied by Ingard, Marshall and the board.shipping company/industry/agent etcWith his help I arranged to invest some money in a shipping company called Clarrikers.He was now an official with a shipping company, on his way to Nakhodka to inspect a damaged freighter.The company also invests in port and shipping companies for the transportation of coal and fuel for its facilities.I telephoned him at the shipping company, but was told that he was not in the office.Most of their work force is unionized, as is the shipping industry, which is in Oakland and not San Francisco.Nevertheless, in accordance with the regulations of the shipping company, they had all been obliged to buy return tickets.He plays the shipping company boss Mr Jaeger: Male speaker He's only filming for two days.The shipping companies deal with temporary storage of parts; only what is needed that day appears at the plant.shipping and handlingPlease enclose a check for $17.95 plus $2.00 shipping and handling.Each helmet, in any of five colors, costs $ 29. 99, including shipping and handling.The video is $ 5. 99, including shipping and handling.You can usually find this out fairly quickly by looking up the store's shipping and handling section.