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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsloopsloop /sluːp/ noun [countable]  TTWa small ship with one central mast (=pole for sails)
Examples from the Corpus
sloopJaguar's appearance and condition belie her age and we believe she is the only Swan 65 sloop in the market.A 92' sloop by Camper & Nicholson.After six weeks at Hispaniola, Standidge and his companions were put on a sloop destined for Rhode Island.A sloop took me out to the ship which dipped and rose wildly in the harbour.But the burning of the sloop in the Bight was to be the only successful venture of the day on their side.He was gliding softly through the water towards the deep ultramarine stain the sloop made in the brimming blackness all around.A white sloop moved upriver in the dark, a little mystery of grace and stealth.