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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishstarboardstar‧board /ˈstɑːbəd $ ˈstɑːrbərd/ noun [uncountable]  TTWthe side of a ship or aircraft that is on your right when you are facing forwardsportstarboard adjective
Examples from the Corpus
starboardHe would have had to have panicked, turned her starboard against a westward storm.Another column dashed up her starboard side and carried off her smokestack.It was now just a hundred yards off our starboard bow.From the port side depths of seven fathoms were sounded, but only twelve from the starboard side.The cabin was entered via a door on the starboard side, off the wing-walk.I tried to turn in behind him but found that I was going to overshoot and pulled away to starboard.Suddenly young Kettering, who was with me, gave a hail and pointed to starboard.Up there to starboard, the Bering Sea whipped by arctic gales into choppy swells.