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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishstewardstew‧ard /ˈstjuːəd $ ˈstuːərd/ noun [countable]  1 TTATTWa man whose job is to serve food and drinks to passengers on a plane or shipflight attendant2 DSHsomeone who is in charge of a horse race, meeting, or other public event race stewards3 someone who protects something or is responsible for it, especially something such as nature, public property, or moneysteward of Kissinger was now chief steward of US foreign policy.4 TAa man whose job is to manage a large property, such as a farm shop steward
Examples from the Corpus
stewardThe Skerritts had been stewards of Carewscourt for generations.Not all ranchers are good stewards of the land.He turned smartly on his heel and trotted into the foyer, greeting the stewards with indiscriminate effusion.Neither Leo nor the steward reckoned that anyone would object too strenuously.