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swellswell2 noun  1 [singular]TTWWATER the way the sea moves up and down The sea wasn’t rough, but there was a heavy swell (=large movements of the water).2 [singular] a situation in which something increases in number or amountswell of the growing swell of anti-government feeling a swell of pride3 [singular]CAPM an increase in sound level, especially in music syn crescendo4 [singular]ROUND the roundness or curved shape of something the firm swell of her breasts5 [countable] old-fashionedIMPORTANT a fashionable or important person
Examples from the Corpus
swellA strong north-westerly wind built up a fifteen-foot swell which came rolling down on us, crests breaking.A heavy swell came at them out of the thick darkness.The scandal has produced swells of protest against him.One such dawn breaks at Ocean Beach and the swell is up.The launch, however, behaved like a well-trained work-horse and merely rose and fell with the swell.the swell of her breastsThe swell had built steadily over the past half-hour.The eternal westerly swell rolled lazily across our wake and wiped out the last trace of our intrusion.heavy swellA heavy swell came at them out of the thick darkness.The timing in the heavy swell had to be carefully judged.