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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishtillertil‧ler /ˈtɪlə $ -ər/ noun [countable]  TTWa long handle fastened to the rudder (=part that controls the direction) of a boat
Examples from the Corpus
tillerOn the other hand, she certainly didn't fancy joining Fen in the confined space between tiller and cabin.Many of this year's late crops now have inadequate tillers, which could affect yield.Adjusting the tiller slightly, Kathy nudged the boat up against the ruler in her head.I found no one at the tillers, and the usual blinding, all-enveloping cascade of a rainstorm.She was gripping the tiller arm so tightly that the blood had been driven out of her knuckles.Without him, the tiller man, the back end was snaking from side to side.I was soaked to the skin, my hands so cold I could hardly keep hold of the tiller.Trent met it with a slight movement of the tiller bar, and the big catamaran lifted smoothly.