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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishtowpathtow‧path /ˈtəʊpɑːθ $ ˈtoʊpæθ/ noun [countable]  TTWSGa path along the side of a canal or river, used especially in the past by horses pulling boats
Examples from the Corpus
towpathA delicate silence accompanied me along the towpath.Keep to the west bank of the Parrett and follow the towpath to Westover Bridge.This 97 mile circular route follows the towpaths of six different canals.I became acutely aware of people staring at me from the towpath and from the water itself.For variety and to make a longer walk you can try the three circular walks which leave the towpath at various points.People seemed to be lining the towpaths out of interest.But she had met him on the towpath the next week and the one following.